Creators, Dreamers, Innovators, Doers.

Our growing team is tasked with handling anything in the life-cycle of a product from sketch to factory to warehouse to retail shelf.


ROTATION is an industrial design and creative studio focused on projects which result in compeling outcomes, simple solutions and exciting products. 

Our core driver is creating new never-seen-before solutions for ourselves, our customers, our clients and our brands.

At ROTATION we strive to create great products through research, insight, design, testing and powerful presentation.

We believe design and great presentation should be a fundamental part of any business. Those who realise this build the steps necessary to climb to the next level.

Who We Are.

ROTATION is an evolution from a journey through the commercial product world that brought STAYHOLD® Products to life. Ben & Alan the creative partners together with their business partner Michael have a formidable relationship which has crafted the core ethos and beliefs that drives the company, creatively and behind the scenes.

Now growing a team to craft ideas and projects into wonderful executions, brands and companies.

Focused on details and inherently inquisitive Alan's approach to each project is based on seeking innovation and simplicity wherever possible whilst creating acute realisations of each outcome.

With an approach which aims to consider the big picture of each project aiming at overall creative consistency Ben's design focus is on uber functionalism combined with compelling visual representation.

With a substantial history in the logistics and business world Michaels' expertise gels perfectly with the creative output of ROTATION to help enable what happens after product leaves paper.

Ireland comes free with buckets of inspiration.

We're Irish and we leverage this creative inspiration to build and do new never-seen-before.

How we got here.

Circa 2006 Alan & Ben met in Sligo while designing concept cars for a competition in college. A few years later they met Michael and formed their product company Stayhold Products which launched them into the international product market. Their inaugural product the STAYHOLD® Classic launched in over 30 countries over 2 years and attracted the attention of some of the worlds largest retailers and distributors along the way.

It takes a lot to get a product company off the ground.

Initial designs, sourcing, tooling, funding, marketing, photography, sales, accounting, lots of travel, countless meetings, so much coffee, a lot of upsets, too many let downs, plenty of high moments, unpredictable experiences, lots of new people, learning curves every day, mistakes every day, good advice, bad advice, more bad advice, not knowing which is good or bad at the time, making the wrong decisions, back pedalling a lot to get on the right path, eventually getting shit done, getting your product made now, seeing it on the shelves for the first time, see actual people using your products in the wild because they want to, getting the praise and reviews from customers, realising you've made a little difference to their lives, wanting to do it again, forgetting all the bad stuff.

We've done it all. Some of it sucked, a lot of it was hard. But we learned a lot.

Now we're here. Raring to go again.
ROTATION is our catalyst to do so. STAYHOLD® is still here and it will continue to grow, but this is for the new.

We want to explore new directions, new innovations, new creations.
We want to help people with great ideas. Help with your idea, help navigate the rough seas.


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